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A special needs residential camp for children and adults.

Creating lifelong memories and making a difference in the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities since 1975.


Application Deadline Approaching April 30th

The Children’s System of Care (CSOC) provides eligible children and young adults financial support toward Summer Camp tuition. Financial support is based on available resources in a given fiscal year. The amount of financial support available per individual is capped and may vary by year and by the number of families applying.

A youth can be considered eligible for CSOC financial support toward Summer Camp tuition if all of the following conditions are met: 

  1. The youth is deemed eligible for CSOC developmental disability (DD) services. 
  2. The youth is under age 21 and will not turn 21 before the end of the camp dates selected for reimbursement. 
  3. The youth resides in his or her own home, with an uncompensated caregiver.

Youth are eligible for CSOC financial support toward Summer Camp tuition only during the time period in which they are not eligible to attend an extended school-year program.

Completed applications for both financial support toward Summer Camp tuition and one-to-one aide services for Summer Camp must be postmarked or received by PerformCare no later than April 30, 2017. Your application must be complete for it to be considered.

Parents and guardians can now apply online for Summer Camp supports through the PerformCare Family Portal.    

Summer Camp frequently asked questions

Please review the Summer Camp frequently asked questions for information about eligibility, deadlines, and how to apply.

Summer Camp application

The application form for financial support toward Summer Camp tuition is now available. Completed applications must be postmarked and/or submitted to PerformCare by April 30, 2017. Please review the instructions before completing the application. 

You can request financial support for up to 10 days of day camp (or up to 6 days of overnight or residential camp) at a qualified camp, subject to available resources. Please note that the amount of financial support is also capped at specific dollar amounts.

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